Important Alzheimer’s News:

Scientists Have Discovered Why
People Who Live in Asia and Africa
Don’t Have Alzheimer’s Disease!

This is Brand New Information
You've Never Seen Before!

Last Update: October 16, 2017

For over fifty years doctors have known that Alzheimer’s disease is so rare in the rural areas of undeveloped countries that it’s virtually unknown. All around the world in the big cities the Alzheimer’s rate is sky high – but when you go out into the countryside Alzheimer’s disease is so rare it’s the exception not the rule!

This is Why Scientists Refer to Alzheimer’s
Disease as a “Disease of Civilization”.


The “New Delhi Effect”

Take New Delhi India for example. The people who live in this large, modern city suffer from Alzheimer’s disease at roughly the same high rate as Americans.

But when you go 30 miles outside the city Alzheimer’s is so rare, the rate is less than 3% of the U.S. Alzheimer’s rate! The same holds true all over the world - in Okinawa, in Brazil and in the villages of Kenya in Africa.

Another example are the Philippine Islands. A young nurse employed by the national government was sent to a remote Philippine island in order to collect health statistics. When she asked the mayor of the island how many cases of Alzheimer’s disease they had, his reply was truly shocking:

He looked her right in the eye and said:

“What’s Alzheimer's Disease?”

He’d never even heard of it!

Here in the U.S. we just accept age-related memory loss as a completely unavoidable fact of life. We've been led to believe that age-related memory loss is completely predictable and that belief has become so widespread it’s become a part of our culture.

Ask any doctor and they'll tell you:

If You Live Long Enough, You’ll
End Up with Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Is this true? This belief seems to be true - because we’re in the midst of an out-of-control Alzheimer’s epidemic that’s spreading through our population at an alarming rate. Given the rapidly increasing numbers of sufferers - Alzheimer's disease must be inevitable.

The Alzheimer’s Epidemic

While the death rate of most of the other major diseases have been declining for years (including heart disease and many forms of cancer) deaths from Alzheimer’s disease are rapidly increasing!

Just look at the numbers and you’ll see how bad the Alzheimer’s epidemic truly is.

Twenty years ago we had but one million Alzheimer’s sufferers. Today we have 5.5 million and the National Institute of Health is predicting that within a dozen years or so we could see that number skyrocket to over 12 million cases!

Shocking Discovery: There are People All Over the World
Whose Memories Actually Improve as They Age!


Here’s The New Breakthrough Discovery

Though doctors have known for many years that the Alzheimer’s disease is extremely rare in the remote areas of undeveloped countries. They knew this was a fact but until now none of them could come up with a theory as to why this was true. Exactly what is it that's protecting these people so well?  

Now for the really good news:

Scientists working at some of the most respected research
centers in the world including the Cleveland Clinic,
Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic have discovered
the root cause of over 75% of Alzheimer’s cases!

Here's even better news: Armed with this new information we can now safely and effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease without any need for expensive drugs, risky surgeries or silly supplements.

I’m using this new discovery to protect myself and my loved ones and am so excited that I’ve written a unique new guide called “The New Alzheimer’s Solution” that‘s jam-packed with all the details on this new discovery.

It contains everything you need to know to take full advantage of this new discovery. It’s a simple yet powerful, scientifically-proven program for safely and effectively preventing all kinds of age-related memory loss - including of course Alzheimer’s.

If you want to feel better, look younger, and live a longer life free of age-related memory problems, my guide is a must read. 

This is Brand New Insider Information -
Known Only to the Scientists Who Discovered it!

Why Hasn't Your Doctor Told You About This?

Good question! Doctors are ignoring this new breakthrough discovery for a very simple reason - they can't figure out a way to use it to make money. Since this new discovery doesn't involve a highly-profitable drug or surgery - they've chosen to ignore it - despite it's obvious value.

Our healthcare system is after all a business and like any business it's going to pursue only the most profitable opportunities it can find. And since this new discovery takes a natural, holistic approach, the doctors don't want anything to do with it - it's a no-profit opportunity!

There Will Never be an Alzheimer's Cure!

At the time of diagnosis the average Alzheimer's patient has a brain that's 22% smaller than average. That means that 22% of their brain cells have died and since no drug will ever bring those dead brain cells back to life - there will never be a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Just look at these two brains. The one on the left is a normal brain while the one on the right was taken from an Alzheimer's patient. You don't need to be doctor to see the difference!


Normal Brain                                          Alzheimer's Brain

It gets worse. For the very same reason there will never be an effective treatment for Alzheimer's - those dead brain cells will never return - not now - not ever.

I Promise You!

I can guarantee that you’ve never heard anything about this new discovery (unless you have a research scientist in your family). It has absolutely nothing to do with your cholesterol level, low-fat diets, exercise, drugs or surgery or anything your doctor has ever told you for that matter. It’s so new your doctor doesn’t know anything about it!

This new discovery has moved me to write a unique, new guide “The Alzheimer’s Solution”. No one else has published anything like it before.

Until Now This Information Has Never Been
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Here’s your opportunity to get access to this exciting new information.

Download it and you’ll get all the details on how you can take full advantage of this new discovery to quickly and easily avoid Alzheimer’s disease. It’s all the information you'll ever need to achieve lasting freedom from Alzheimer’s disease and live a healthier life – at any age. 

This is by far your best chance of delaying or preventing Alzheimer’s disease altogether. In fact it’s your only real chance. It’s a great value and a wise purchase. Buying my guide just might be the single most valuable, life-changing purchase you’ll ever make!

You’ll be among the very first people to know, before your friends, before your neighbors and even before your doctor!

I would never report folk tales and half-truths but instead everything you’ll find in my guide is based on the very latest state-of-the-art medical research. 

This new prevention program uses a natural, drug-free, holistic approach that will not only dramatically reduce your odds of ever being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease but will at the same time improve your overall health and add years to your life.

You can take full advantage of this new discovery without spending a dime! In fact, you'll actually save money.

And here’s the best part. This whole new approach is simple yet powerful - so incredibly simple you’ll laugh out loud when you see just how simple it truly is.

This is True Insider Information
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No complex concepts, no confusing medical terms just a single easy-to-understand approach. It’s easy to understand and even easier to use! I’ll explain everything with incredible simplicity - It couldn’t be simpler!

You can be among the first to know about this new discovery.  When you’ve read my guide you’ll know more about this new breakthrough than your friends, relatives and even your own doctor!

Imagine the added peace of mind you’ll feel when you know that you’re doing all you can to prevent Alzheimer’s disease – the most feared disease in the world.

Stop the Alzheimer’s Disease
Process Dead in its Tracks!

What's more - you'll learn this "secret" information before your friends, your relatives or even before your doctor! When you read my guide you'll experience a host of benefits including:

Prevent Alzheimer's disease by up to 80%!

Better, faster memory recall

Increased creative ability

Restore youthful levels of key brain neurotransmitters

Better decision making

Longer Attention Span

Fewer "senior moments"

Increased learning ability

This new approach works so well because it attacks the root cause of Alzheimer’s disease – not just the symptoms. It does this by correcting the underlying metabolic imbalance that causes Alzheimer's by killing millions of your brain cells.   

Take control now! If you choose to do nothing and just hope for the best - odds are you’ll end up yet another victim of the rapidly growing Alzheimer’s epidemic – just like all the rest.

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My mission is to educate and empower you so that you can save yourself and your loved ones from the Alzheimer’s epidemic.

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